Daniel Avery - Song For Alpha: Deluxe Edition Update

Daniel Avery - Song For Alpha: Deluxe Edition Update

Hello friends. Some news. 

Due to a manufacturing error, the 10” which forms part of the Song For Alpha (Deluxe Edition) has been recalled and new copies are being manufactured as we speak. Unfortunately, this is going to cause a slight delay to the shipment of the Deluxe Edition package to you, the new shipping date is around 15th April.

We can only apologise for this delay, this stuff happens sometimes and is beyond our control. Of course we will be sending you a high-quality digital copy of the album upon release date April 6th and will ensure you are kept updated with regards to the shipping date of the Deluxe Edition. The track on the 10", Think About What You Love, is a favourite of mine from the recording sessions. It's one of those tracks that felt like it arrived at the studio from another place, fully formed. The more I listened to it, the more I felt that it worked much better as a standalone piece with natural moments of silence either side rather than as part of an album. I'm glad it eventually found its place in the world.

Thank you for your continued support and patience, it means a lot. Enjoy the record and I promise there won't be another five year wait until the next one. 
Big love
DA xx

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