Daniel Avery Song For Alpha B-Sides and Remixes

Daniel Avery
broadens the exquisite sonic universe established on his critically acclaimed sophomore LP Song For Alpha, almost a year to the day after the release of the latter, presenting the collected B-sides & Remixes. Showcasing cuts from the album’s writing and recording process, furthermore, Avery also invites a number of his contemporaries and some of the most vital underground producers in the world to rework his original material, with transformative results. The collection is set for digital release on 5th April 2019.

Further demonstrating the twin shades of euphoria and melancholy at the heart of Avery’s work, ‘Under The Tallest Arch’ merges tough, laser-focus breaks with a choral sound design that soars upwards to dramatic and dreamlike effect. For the accompanying video, photographer, filmmaker and frequent Avery collaborator Tom Andrew takes found moments of dance from archive video footage of clubs, including Avery’s ‘Glass’ video, and explores them in a motion capture studio with live interactive projections.

Once more, close your eyes, press repeat above.

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