Daniel Avery shares new track 'Hazel and Gold'

Ahead of his upcoming socially distanced 'Together in Static' live shows at London’s Hackney Church, Daniel Avery shares new track 'Hazel and Gold'. Another exquisite taster of the upcoming album, set for release on 24th June. The record is preceded by four global streams via DICE on 23rd June.

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“Much like the previous record Love + Light from last year, Together in Static felt like it arose from nowhere in the most positive way, full of joy and hope for the future. It was a beautiful crystal cocoon in which I could fully immerse myself. 

People sometimes ask me about what I use in the studio, what equipment I collect but those technical details are never really at the front of my mind. For me I’ve always been drawn to something more abstract. I love the idea of taking these machines, wherever they may come from, and making them sing with a human heart or a living soul. This track definitely comes from that place. It’s something of an electronic love letter to a special person in my life and I’m really proud of it." – Daniel Avery

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