CC:DISCO! 'Chez Moi (Waiting For You)' ft. Confidence Man remixed by Spray

Phantasy and CC:DISCO! are equally delighted to invite Spray to contribute two radically oppositional re-imaginings of ‘Chez Moi (Waiting For You)', featuring Confidence Man. Born in Sligo, Ireland and based in Berlin in recent years, Spray is the DJ and label alias of Tiarnan McMorrow, whose sets and productions shine a light on both fresh and reissued rave music defined by a radical, psychedelic charm.

Stream or download here

Spray takes an invite to dive into CC’s glorious, house-oriented production technique and emerges with a pair of remixes that are contrasting and compelling in equal doses. His ‘Club Spritzz’ mix places the original’s trippy chords in a higher-energy context rendered as evergreen as any production in his own record bag, patiently building to an irresistible, euphoric melody of his own complimentary creation.

Then, under the weight of its own bassline, the ‘Witching Hour’ mix drops the tempo in the opposite direction, summoning a swampy journey that recalls the experimental acid of early Hardfloor or Plastikman, without ever losing sight of CC’s own playful touch.

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