Check out the first #PHANTASYMIX of 2016 by Shan, packed full of his own edits. He previously delivered a brilliant remix (together with Gerd Janson) of Ghost Culture's 'Mouth' which can be hear HERE

"I wanted to make a mix that reflects what I would play out in a club. There are some new and old tracks, some unreleased ones and a few edits. Usually I select a couple of tracks and then try to get them in an order that makes sense to me. I start slow, have the tension rise and then take some steam out and try to find a good end. To make some tracks work the way I want them here I had to edit them for this mix, nothing really fancy, just a bit of cut and paste and looping parts I like. Some of the edits I think I will revisited some time soon and rework them a little bit more. When you loop a good part and listen to it over and over you sometimes notice some other things in there, like a new track hidden underneath. The Dish & Tell edit is the only one I had made before. I think I heard that track in an older mix that Keith from Optimo did a couple of years ago and had to instantly ask for some track ids and make edits, really great track". Shan


Carl Craig - Sleep
Sneaker - Algerian Raï
También - Sexualität (Shan Edit)
The Earons - Land Of Hunger (Shan Edit)
Shan - unreleased tool
Tiger & Woods - Boca
The 202 Machine - Get Up (Shan Edit)
Greg Beato - B’s Diss (Shan Edit)
T.S.O.S. Over And Over
Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia - Ensnared
Ton Of Tones - Oh Ah Oh Ah Oh
Head High - Power Seat
Demdike Stare - Patchwork
House Of Venus - Dish & Tell (Shan Edit)
Basic Channel - Phlyps Trak II-II
Madonna - Into The Groove (Shan Dub Edit)
Basic Channel - Phlyps Trak II-II
CTI - Dancing Ghosts


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