Fabric: Top 10 Resident DJs Of All Time

Fabric: Top 10 Resident Djs Of All Time

'In recent years, the role of the resident Dj has been gaining respect and recognition it's always deserved. I ran and Dj-ed at a weekly club named Trash for exactly 10 years. I missed 1 night in those 10 years, so thats around 519 nights in total.

Trash had a duty to the regulars who came each week, it was more then the music or who went there, more then what you heard and saw on the night: It was down to what you felt. This environment gave me the platform to still be playing records now. Trash was a joint musical effort, so I share any accolade I collect with the other resident Djs ( Rory Phillips Jonjo Jury DJ James Dickie & Paul Mavers) and those who helped make the night what it was.' - Erol Alkan

Fabric picked Top 10 Resident DJs Of All Time. Click here to see the feature

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