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Splat. The ball arced perfectly into a tub of hummus, bounciness negated by the consistency of mashed chick pea. Dog followed at speed, careening into cans and packets, briefly acquiring a tortilla chip hat to human noises somewhere in between 'woah' 'hey' and 'hahaha'. Some Kid was now exhibiting the raised eyebrows and static appendages of those expecting imminent admonishment, hoping fervently that they wouldn't be held accountable for the whims of beast and physics. 
Human forelimbs went on automatic negentropic overdrive, righting bottles, moving food and foolhardily attempting to counteract the canine exuberance. "I'm so sorry! Come here! Come HERE, sorry, leave it, Leaaave iiit!" said the voice of legally obliged responsibility. "He thinks you're playing," - the furry whirlwind continued, all tongue and tail - "just keep still a few seconds else he'll never stop."

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