Brand New Kamera DJ Mix

Brand New Kamera Dj Mix 

Kamera has just released his first DJ mix entitled the Pavé Mix. Turn this one up loud...

Pick up a copy of Kamera's debut EP from the Phantasy Shop or from Juno Download.


Rob Clouth - Clockwork Atom
Kink - Fantasia (Truncate Rmx)
Annanan - Satin
Jared Wilson - Last Two
Distant Echoes - Road
Will & Ink - Third Mersenne
Rumah & Progression - SC1
MDIII - Acid Feet
Albert Van Abbe - Official 01
Tekla - Give You Light (Drums Dub)
MMM - Donna
Luca Lozano & Mr Ho - Dripbox
J.C - Medio 401
Kamera - Prince Valium
Stingray 313 - Strontium Dog
Kamera - SR
Albert Van Abbe - Official 03

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