11 Psych Songs From Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Record Box

11 Psych Songs From Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Record Box

Richard Norris, one half of Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve, has picked eleven psych rock tracks from their record box that you really need to hear...

The Phantasy Shop has some of the Wizards' merchandise and that Daniel Avery re-animation of New Energy on 12". Check them out here.


1. The Id - Boil The Kettle, Mother

The pure essence of psychedelic rock and roll insanity. I mean, what is this all about? He wants to see the steam? He wants to hear it hissss? I'm glad this gentleman found an outlet for his hot beverage based fantasies, in the form of a wack-o psych 45 B-side. Tea, anyone?

2. Ning - Machine

Coming on like a psych Glitter Band, this 1971 single from Coventry act Ning features ace fuzztone, motorik beats, chanting and Hammond. Weighty!


3. Satan's Breed - Laugh Myself To The Grave

Very little info on this, one of thousands of small label US Garage cuts from 1966. Great Meek-ed electronic organ throughout.

4. Sharron Tandy - Hold On

One of a number of versions of this track, and possibly the best. Solo was attributed to Jimmy Page. It's not him though.

5. The Calico Wall - I'm A Living Sickness

Attitude aplenty, spooky atmospherics and classic snarler vocals…watch out for that fuzz! Classic.

6. Dreamies - Auralgraphic Entertainment

A singular outsider cut and paste long player, a 52 minute trip into the world of Bill Holt, hi fi adventurer and Beatles fan. Bill channels the experimentation of the White Album, with added JFK, Muhhamad Ali, news items and found sound. Some eagle eared listeners may recognise this from past BTWS archives…. we condensed it into three and a half minutes.


7. Nick Nicely - 49 Cigars

The flip side to Nick's genius 'Hilly Fields' single. Very little was known of Mr Nicely for years, until he turned up at the Green Man Festival recently, performing dressed as the invisible man. Still an enigma, then.

8. Madeleine Chartrand - Ani Kuni

There's countless versions of this traditional Native American Indian chant, but Ms Chartrand's manages to incorporate fuzztone, sitar and the chorus line from 'Hair.

9. Strawberry Alarm Clock - Wake Up It's Tomorrow (full album)

Much maligned on release,dismissed as a session musician backed LSD cash in. Fortunately history will be kinder to the Strawberry Alarm Clock's greatest release. Sure there's kitsch, sappy easy listening-stroke-music hall interludes, but the wiggy studio chops and 'Black Butter Parts I, II and III' are pure 3-D psychedelic gold. Skip the skits, there's magic in here.

10. Iron Butterfly - Theme 

Iron Butterfly's Inna Gadda Da Vida was the go to stoner rock album for campus hippies in the late 60's, yet this beguiling slice of Meek heavy sci fi trumps it hands down. Sampled by Public Enemy, loved by us.

11. Reign Ghost - Travels of Blue Paradox 

Insanity, pure and simple. Monk chants, dentist drill synth squall, a madrigal mystery tour round the bend and around the other side. "Wake up to the positive morning… caress the heart of dying amber". Whatever that means.


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