U - 'Vienna Orchestra' (12'' Vinyl) , Vinyl - U, Phantasy Sound - 1
U - 'Vienna Orchestra' (12'' Vinyl) , Vinyl - U, Phantasy Sound - 2
U - 'Vienna Orchestra' (12'' Vinyl) , Vinyl - U, Phantasy Sound - 3
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U - Vienna Orchestra

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Where To Now? have caught something really special in their net: Vienna Orchestra is a jaw-dropping master opus from U; consolidating the frayed sample tekkers of his dancefloor releases for ManMakeMusic and Phantasy Sound with a fine-tuned instinct for experimental, avant-garde cut-ups and a wickedly playful, trippy approach to messing with convention.

Sourced entirely from a bag of classical records picked up in Vienna - hence the title, obvs - U’s sampler and EQ modules becomes a craft knife, filleting fragments from hundreds of years of musical history for choice phrases which are consequently effected and warped into these 16, succinct yet deeply absorbing and etheric soundscapes.

He’s certainly not the first person to do this, as Wolfgang Voigt, The Caretaker, People Like Us and many, many have done before him; but the way in which U isolates and manipulates his sample banks is strongly redolent of OG rave producers getting giddy with the pitch as much as Steve Reich’s phasing repetitions, whilst also recalling the uncanny nostalgia of Mark Leckey’s dreamlike, collaged soundtracks, and even the more bilious moments of contemporary club constructions by Rabit or Elysia Crampton.

"This is a record to get really, deeply lost within. A massive recommendation!" Boomkat

  • Different Planes 
  • Globe Galllery 
  • U2
  • Ressurrexit 
  • Time Gallery
  • Black Danube 
  • Red Wine 
  • Verlier
  • Feirgils Chapel 
  • Crossroads of The Holy Empire
  • Golden Sun
  • 100Water
  • Auslage in Arbeit 
  • What Is Bad Art
  • Isle of The Pines
  • Never Seen Again 
Recorded by U
Mastered by Kingcrète
Released via Where to Now? 
Designed by Studio of the Immaculate Heart