U - Haven In A Heartfelt World (12" Vinyl + Download) [PH 39]


U, is the name of a DJ currently living in London. Previous records for Man Make Music have proven suitable for the club as well as home listening. Limited edition 4 track EP, embossed sleeve, with free download codes

  • The Kids Will Take Care Of Themselves
  • Monogamy
  • Pilgrimage
  • Shame

WAV files available on request.

"Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sound plays host to a smart deviation from ManMakeMusic's U. From the top he rolls in between Andy Stott and Fishermen with the molasses drag motion of 'The Kids Will Take Care Of Themselves'; 'Monogamy' stifles a spry garage groove with crushing concrète dynamics; 'Shame' collapses between Sunn 0))) and Samuel Kerridge zones; 'Pilgrimage' fades out with dilapidated, elegiax guitar and piano chords like Basinski or Leyland Kirby piece. Don't sleep on this, it's great." - Boomkat  

"Mind-bendingly warped and beautifully distorted" Mixmag 9/10

Artwork: David Rudnick