Cowboy Rhythmbox - We Got The Box [PH 41] / Vinyl
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Cowboy Rhythmbox - We Got The Box [PH 41]

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Cowboy Rhythmbox are Nathan Gregory Wilkins and Richard X.

Coming together to create their own strain of singular Music For Dancing they draw on a collective love of outsider house, bargain bin cutout s, hard drive debris, rudimentary jack trax, childrens's TV themes, Euro disco, EBM, and virtuoso drummers like Curt Cress, Ginger Baker & Animal.

"We Got The Box" brings to life the playground game of repeat-a-word-until-it-sounds-weird, pushing and pulling a disembodied voice by milliseconds to create a hypnotic mind episode. On the flip "Rattle" takes off where their debut track "Shake" left off, a devastating barrage of industrial drums and frenetic chants.

Playlisted by Erol Alkan, Jackmaster, Tiga, Heidi and many more. Pressed onto black 12" vinyl and housed in a die cut sleeve. Comes with free download codes

  • We Got The Box
  • Rattle 

WAV files available on request.

Artwork: Will Sweeney / Bela J / Erol Alkan / CBRB