Connan Mockasin - Caramel CD [PHLP 03]


New Zealand via Paris / London pop sprite Connan Mockasin follows up the widely acclaimed oddball-psych of 2010’s 'Forever Dolphin Love'. 'Caramel' boasts a unique brand of mutated, lustrous soul that was almost wholly self-recorded over a month in a Tokyo hotel room.  It's a concept album as well: "The concept is that it's actually an album," says Mockasin. "It starts with the dolphin (from 'Forever Dolphin Love') leaving, and the boss (the man) who is so in with love with the dolphin is sad, and then it kicks into the new album, and he is happier. But there's a car race and a crash."

CD edition. 

  • Nothing Lasts Forever
  • Caramel
  • I'm The Man, That Will Find You
  • Do I Make You Feel Shy?
  • Why Are You Crying?
  • It's Your Body 1
  • It's Your Body 2
  • It's Your Body 3
  • It's Your Body 4
  • It's Your Body 5
  • I Wanna Roll With You

"With his intuitive, idiosyncratic approach to arrangement and composition, however, Mockasin hits upon those moments of intimacy enough to make Caramel a strangely arresting record." The Skinny

"Still, however deep we dive, it still beats skimming the surface - it's mind zapping, it's heart-slowing, it's the coolest place to almost drown. Go cover yourself in caramel kids; it feels great." The 405

"Caramel and Mockasin definitely takes you on one hell of an adventure. Even though it might leave you feeling a little softened and dehydrated, I can’t wait to re-lace up my skates and embark on the next one." Paste

Artwork: Erol Alkan