Babe, Terror - Knights EP [PH 18] / Vinyl
Babe, Terror - Knights EP [PH 18] / Vinyl
Babe, Terror - Knights EP [PH 18] / Vinyl
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Babe, Terror - Knights EP [PH 18]

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Etched reverse 12" vinyl in a clear plastic sleeve, comes with free download. Please note this record plays in reverse, from the centre, outwards to the edge. 

  • Lifantastic I
  • Savagestic
  • Cleric
  • Lifantastic II
  • War

WAV files available on request.

"Opener "Lifantastic 1" sets the tone of lo-fi extremism and psychedelic obfuscation, its drum machine pumping away like a pair of 19th century bellows as cut-up vocals drown in a slurry of echo and granulated detritus. The more ominous "Savagestic" opens with click-clacking and then the sinister hoving of phantasmagorical drones emerging vengefully as if from some sunken landfill of long discarded pop and rock history. "Cleric" is a brief, holy invocation, dominated by a flute motif and a ritual, ectoplasmic swirl. "Lifantastic II" ascends and evolves from the point at which the opening track left off, beset by giant worms of electric guitar but also lovely shapeshifts, reminders of what a pleasurable, as well as challenging, experience Knights represents. Finally, there's a relative feeling of clarity and aftermath on "War," despite its title—or perhaps it's simply a case of becoming accustomed to the half-light and adjusted focus of Babe, Terror's sound world." Resident Advisor

"Far from being self-indulgent avant-noise, the atmosphere they create is a retro-futurist, lo-fi take on ambient techno and shoegaze which draws you in, eventually leaving you rapt and fascinated with the fine detail of the intricate soundscapes they create." The Skinny

 Artwork: David Rudnick