James Welsh (aka Kamera)

James Welsh (Aka Kamera)

Since 2015, James Welsh’s contribution to Phantasy as Kamera has delivered a series of releases shrouded in mystery, injected with the personal energy of both a hardcore and club heritage. Two EPs, ‘Arc’ and ‘Ventoux’, set a distinct tone, with the latter complimented by head-turning remixes from artists such as George Fitzgerald, Throwing Snow, Truncate and Yaleesa Hall. Now, the key Phantasy artist emerges from the shadows under his own name, in order to continue his uncompromising musical journey.

The EBM-indebted techno funk of James Welsh’s ‘Thread’ re-emerges from the industrial fog, evolved into three outstanding remixes by a trio of rising and established artists.

Ozel AB delivers his debut remix, reimagining Thread to encompass a widescreen vision of depth and drama. Unfolding slowly and ethereally, with military kicks holding down a seemingly weightless, extended breakdown, his taste in dreamlike rave euphoria contains the same magic touch as it has done on previous, acclaimed releases for Workshop and Lobster Theremin.

On his ‘Garten’ remix, Radio Slave takes a percussive approach to the relatively raw electronics of the original track, adding a deceptively simple but immediately effective layer of drums to the production, before unleashing a more filtered and fucked-up interpretation of the riff to winning effect.

Finally, FC Kahuna has been off-the-map for some time, but makes a triumphant return with a distinctive, playful and digital-exclusive take on Thread that adds effective tension, whistling rave kettles and otherworldly distortion; a subtle, but masterful reimagining of Welsh's original recording.

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