BTU - Without Armour (12" Vinyl + Download) [PH 22]


Sold Out

'Without Armour' is the debut release by BTU, a collaboration between sound designers Babe, Terror (from Brazil) and U (from London). An incredible trip of a record which draws you in deeper with each immersive listen. Essential. Comes with free download codes exclusively from the Phantasy webstore

  • Government
  • Swordbeerfish
  • Ugly Sneakers
  • Breath Awesome
  • Blueen

WAV files available on request.

"Like throbbing club beats that have been compressed down to a suffocatingly dense degree, BTU's 'Blueen' sets the tone for a inverse reality of sunny escapes through shaking shreds of lucid sleep." Line of Best Fit

"BTU's 'Without Armour' is a black hole of distorted reverse melodies, blown out drums, the occasional vocal dip and even some sax ripped right down the middle. it's got traces of the chems, animal collective, my bloody valentine and even some depth charge going on but it's so future you need a crystal ball to see where it ends. a truly stunning record that everyone needs." Rough Trade

"Without Armour" is the sound of someone having a meltdown while trying to make hazy slo-mo house music. In one word: insane. And just don't call it 'indie-dance' Phonica

Artwork: David Rudnick