Babe, Terror - Ancient M'ocean CD Album + Comic [PHLP 06]


"A bold abstract work of 15 absorbing tracks" Uncut Magazine 

“Babe, Terror at his ingenious and distinctive best” Future Music 

“Laced with ecstatic feeling” Mixmag 

Phantasy are proud to announce a brand new album from Brazilian artist Babe, Terror titled ‘Ancient M’ocean’. Limited to 300 physical copies the album comes packed inside a comic conceptualised by Babe, Terror himself, and beautifully realised in tender illustrated form by Michael Crook, chronicling just a small part of “a community of souls… an incorruptible interconnection that binds us together as a whole.” 

The 20 page comic concerning an understated sci-fi romance taking place in a world adjacent and just out of reach of our own, collects stories of ancient customs and traditions, submerged but sharing the same sun, moon and energy. 

Ancient M’ocean, is set for official release on 27th January 2017. 

  • Windsurf For Souls I
  • Atlantic Verticode
  • Mirakel Hoorn
  • Allureon Intro
  • Allureon Intro Part 1
  • Allureon Intro Part 2
  • Allureon Intro Part 3
  • South
  • Lunairel
  • Windsurf For Souls II
  • Kosminen Flate
  • Fryffordd
  • Windsurf For Souls III
  • We'll Be Here
  • Forever Home

Music, concept & story by Babe, Terror 
Drawings by Michael Crook 
Design & layout by Bela J 

WAV files available upon request.