Red Axes 'Sipoor'' T-Shirt / T Shirt
Red Axes 'Sipoor'' T-Shirt / T Shirt
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Red Axes 'Sipoor' T-Shirt

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You love Red Axes right? We’ve been fans for a while now so when we had the opportunity to work with them we jumped at it. The one thing we missed though was being able to own and wear a shirt, just so we could show our love. Well, fear not! We’ve created this Sipoor T, featuring it’s mantra 'Ani House, Ani Trance, Ani Techno', which translates to ‘I Need House, I Need Trance, I Need Techno’, currently exclusive to the Phantasy web store. Screen printed on dyed Earth Positive 100% organic cotton durable shirts, and available in black or off-white. 

Available in all sizes. Cut is unisex. 

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