Meanwhile, 5 years ago...Boys Noize & Erol Alkan 'Lemonade' Posted on 24 Jan 17:14

This finally came out in 2012, but was scheduled for Summer 2011. The hold up? Well the vinyl took 6 months and a total of 3 different pressings to perfect. Upon it's release, people could not believe their eyes: Was it photoshopped? Is it a normal CDr on a tiny record player? Can it actually PLAY music?? All copies sold out within hours of hitting the shops.

We kept the price as the same as a regular black vinyl as we believe that anyone should be able to afford it, rather than make it a collectors item. The day after selling out, copies were on ebay for £50 a pop. So we made more. They all sold out too, and hopefully kept the profiteers at bay......;-)

On the remix front, Justin Robertson sent us his version a day after it was promo-ed. We loved it and promised it would be released on vinyl. Sorry it took 18 months JR.. Gesaffelstein, gave us a rolling monster of a remix as only he could! We love it! The CDr art was by David Rudnick, whilst the concept and design shared by David and Erol. Creative Review kindly hailed it as their 'Record Sleeve Of The Month'.