Meanwhile, 5 years ago...Boys Noize & Erol Alkan (feat. Jarvis Cocker) 'Avalanche (Terminal Velocity)' Posted on 26 Jul 11:11

'Avalanche' originally appeared as the A side to 'Lemonade' (PH 08), but we felt we needed to give this reworked version it's own unique release as it went far further then we expected.

Following Chilly Gonzales' now classic piano remake of Waves, we decided that a spoken word interpretation would be fitting for Avalanche. One of our favourite voices on Earth today belongs to Pulp front man - Jarvis Cocker, so we asked: 'Jarvis, can you reinterpret an instrumental techno track into a spoken word piece?' Jarvis gave it a go, eventually came back with a recording of him reciting the words of Leonard Cohen's 'Avalanche' over the top of our 'Avalanche'. We loved it, but felt the whole track also deserved to be reworked to fit Jarvis' vocal, and so we did, one day in a boiling hot room in Miami (you wouldn't guess by listening). Once it was complete, we contacted Mr Cohen for his approval, and he replied back by saying he loved it. Back in February 2012 during an interview between the two artists, Jarvis personally handed Leonard a copy of the record. Wish we had a photo of that!