Meanwhile, 1 year ago...Kamera 'Consignia' (Truncate Remix / Yaleesa Hall Dub) Posted on 17 Jun 10:00

Meanwhile, 1 year ago... Kamera​ 'Consignia' (Truncate​ Remix / Yaleesa Hall​ Dub) #PH49RMX1

Former James Welsh alias Kamera graced us with forceful, industrial and acidic ‘Consignia’, taken from his EP ‘Ventoux’. Reworked by two outstanding producers, they take the track into new and expansive forms, making each as uncompromising as the source material.

Truncate steps up to deliver a remix that further encapsulates his precise vision of deep, raw techno, stripping back the foundations of the original track. Creating a tense masterpiece of sustain and release, he envelopes the dancefloor in thunderous claps and jittering rave samples.

Meanwhile, the so far elusive Yaleesa Hall is tapped for an offbeat, dub version of Consignia, twisting the track into something altogether darker and stranger. Pressed onto 12" heavyweight vinyl, this is surely one for the record collection, featuring the first in a two part remix EP and accompanied by exceptional, eye-catching artwork.

Pick it up on 12" heavyweight vinyl here

Check out the second part in the remix EP, featuring incredible remixes from George FitzGerald and Throwing Snow here

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