Meanwhile, 1 year ago... Ghost Culture's debut album Posted on 12 Jan 00:00

"A year has passed since the release of my debut album and, reflecting on it, I'm extremely proud of the way it was received and the team and fans that have supported it. 

I never expected any sort of reaction, so to have so much positive recognition has been wonderful. I realise that I am very privileged to be able to make music every day as the main part of my life. This is all I need. 

Although there's always things to work on (that comes with being creative) I feel like I had made a body of work that I could put next to other debut albums and be satisfied with it.

Now it's time for some re-invention. Taking what I have learnt from last year; the live show, remixes, artwork and every part of the process, I can now take stock and re-shake to take things to a fresh place. 

The death of our much loved Bowie has been tough, but also as we remember his art, a reminder of how great talent applied in hard work not only writes good songs, but can also change the culture that it encompasses for the better along the way. That is powerful inspiration." - Ghost Culture

Having begun several years ago as a quietly ambitious if limited bedroom project, the music of Ghost Culture began as a response to his own limitations of equipment and time. Assisted by co-producer Erol Alkan's guiding hand at his Phantasy studio, the pair further coaxed out the emotional and sonic layers of the initial productions, without losing any of the immediacy and freedom of his vision. An unusual alliance between the sound of contemporary underground techno and the truly individual styles of the likes of Arthur Russell and Elliot Smith, Ghost Culture's sound continues to coax listeners into an intimate space of his own.

As the end of year round ups drew to an end in 2015, here's how he did - 

Record Store #2

Jumbo Records #6

Drowned In Sound #35 

Rough Trade #58 

The Monitors, were also kind enough to include him their '52 Best Albums of 2015'. 

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