Meanwhile, 5 years ago...Boris Dlugosch 'Bangkok' Posted on 15 Dec 07:59

Our sixth release. Erol Alkan was handed a mp3 of 'Bangkok' just before an Australian tour a few years ago and decided he would test it out at his first festival date once he landed. Unbeknown to him, his set was being transmitted live across Australia on Triple J. Within minutes of stepping off stage, Erol had half a dozen people emailing and texting asking what the hell 'that third track' was that he'd played. Somewhat jet lagged and uninterested in emailing at that point, Erol went to bed not knowing that a corner of the internet had lost it's mind for this new, unmastered and unamed track.

By the next day, that half a dozen requests became 100!

Upon returning home, Erol promptly signed the track and released it within weeks. 'Bangkok' crashed into every club chart imaginable. A then up and coming Roska delivered a brilliant remix.
The sleeve was the first to be designed by David Rudnick for Phantasy, brilliantly animated by 2manydj's as part of their live dj show (as well as fusing it with The KLF's 'What Time Is Love').