Meanwhile, 3 years ago...Another 'Bugged Out' Mix & 'Bugged In' Selection By Erol Alkan Posted on 03 Sep 18:56

Rewind 3 years today and we heard the follow up to Erol Alkan's classic 'Bugged In' / 'Bugged Out' mix -

Another 'Bugged Out' Mix & 'Bugged In' Selection

"For the comedown, A “Bugged In” Selection, Erol drops the BPM and the mood switches to something much more reflective and somnolent. Jan Hammer Group set the understated tone from the outset and with Bibio, Chromatics, Walls and the wonderful 'Jasmine' by Jai Paul all making the grade, disc 2 is all about quality of selection over the mix, even if the tracks do segue together rather pleasantly. It all makes for a stellar compilation and proof that Erol Alkan, and the art of crafting a collection, remains as essential as ever." BBC

Available on CD + double LP here